Getting Rid of Unwanted “Stuff”?

Last week I had a sore throat, laryngitis, aches, runny nose and was coughing and sneezing.  I knew my body was getting rid of toxins and accumulations of things no longer needed.  I took really good care of myself, amped up my supplements, drank my ginger/lemon/cayenne tea and knew I would feel clearer, lighter, calmer and stronger once the episode passed.  I felt like I was building a new body of light…lighter and more free than before (an ongoing process, for all of us, right)?

I have also been clearing out a storage unit for the last month and that process was on hold while I was resting and healing from not feeling well.

So here I am, clearing out “stuff” on a few different levels.  I went back to the storage unit today (I have a self-imposed deadline to be out in three days) and filled up another huge trash can.  It felt great!

Most of those boxes were put into that storage unit during a challenging time in my family and under great duress.  At that time, I felt overwhelmed dealing with several events as well as health issues.  Going through those boxes now, when I am strong and well (except for this little bout which is almost over) is a totally different experience.

It feels good to lighten the load, donate and throw out unneeded and unnecessary items, and it seems that it is happening on a few different levels right now.  I have been visualizing and imagining how good I will feel when the storage unit is cleared out and when I have moved through this little bout of not feeling quite well physically.  That has motivated me to get it done and move forward (we all want to feel good, right)?

I have also had a great time finding things that I have been looking for (so that’s where the portable CD player has been)!

This is just another bit of substantiation that everything really is connected and looking at the “coincidences” of letting go and eliminating on different levels, makes things that much more meaningful.

I am enjoying this process of letting go of unwanted thoughts, feelings and things…and keeping only what serves and nourishes me.  I’m not “there” yet, but the journey is the adventure and staying conscious and present in the moment brings the joy.

And now…I get to listen to a meditation CD on that compact disc player I just found!




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