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•  Is something “off” in how you feel, but you can’t figure out what or why (and neither can anyone else)?

•  Want to get to the source, address underlying imbalances, find out what might be causing those disturbing, uncomfortable symptoms…and make changes?

•  Need help figuring out what to do, how to make sense of often confusing information, so you can do what’s right for YOU, based on your needs?

I personally know the frustration, fatigue, lack of motivation, desperation and even hopelessness in wanting to feel well, be well and enjoy life.  For more about my own health challenges, read About Dr. Elena.

Your body is unique.  You have your own medical history, genetic predispositions and environment.  Frustration often happens when we try something we read or heard about that worked for someone else, but it didn’t work for us.  What works for others may not be what’s right for you.

It’s especially frustrating, exhausting and overwhelming to KNOW on a deep level, that something is out of balance, yet be told over and over again that you are “normal”.

My commitment to you is to be your ally; your partner on your journey to reclaim your health and wellness in a holistic way, in all areas of your life…physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!

Psychotherapy, nutrition and nutritional therapy, naturopathic healthcare, hypnotherapy, stress reduction, emotional therapy, cognitive therapyand other holistic, integrative, alternative approaches…whatever seems right for you, will be incorporated as we work together to bring balance and healing.

Imagine how wonderful life could be when you finally become a master of your health and well-being instead!


Nutritional Therapy

Are you…

Frustrated with being told your lab results are “normal” when you know you don’t feel well?

Did you know that the “normal” reference ranges on your lab results are ONLY the averages of all the blood drawn from that particular lab?

•Feeling your complaints are being minimized by your doctor or are not being addressed?

You deserve to have your concerns be heard and addressed with respect, to understand what is going on and what you can do about it. 

•Dealing with a chronic or life-challenging illness and interested in holistic, alternative and/or integrative approaches?

These kinds of situations are often “wake-up calls” that force us to focus on our health and well-being.  As an advanced stage cancer survivor, I utilized all that was available to me to help me heal.  Integrative, holistic approaches can be very important in creating a conducive environment for healing.

•Interested in staying youthful, moving gracefully through physical life-changes and amplifying your health, vitality and brain function?

As long as you have the body you are in, don’t you want it to be fully functioning, with a sharp brain and full of vitality, spirit and joy?

•Eating a healthy diet and taking care of yourself yet still intuitively feel that “something is not right” physically?

Finding out what is really healthy for YOU is the best way to feel great.  We are all unique and what “seems” like a healthy choice, may actually be contributing to fatigue, weight gain, brain fog and more.

•Disappointed with the special diets, programs, supplements and treatments you hoped would provide long-lasting relief, yet still feel like you’re searching for answers to help you feel better?

Not every program works for every person and it’s easy to become discouraged…don’t give up!  You don’t have to do this alone and you CAN feel better!

∞ ∞ ∞


Are you…

•Feeling that you’ve “tried everything” yet still feel stuck repeating the same patterns in your life and relationships?

Benefitting from the fresh input of an objective, clear, caring, solution-focused perspective can give you an optimistic, new outlook on life.

Spiritual, holistic, sensitive, intuitive and/or dedicated to personal growth?

Working with someone you can connect with who understands and can relate to “where you are coming from and where you have been” as well as where you can be in the future, can be very powerful.

•Tired of having your concerns dismissed by doctors as “you’re just getting older” or are suggestions being made by well-meaning others that you “try antidepressants” (even though you don’t really feel depressed)?

If you think you may have some kind of physiological imbalance that is affecting your mood, you are probably correct.  Let’s get it handled and get you going in the right direction!

Feeling hopeless because this has been going on for so long and you wonder if you will ever really feel well and happy?

It is your divine birthright to feel well and happy.  Let’s work together to make that more of a reality for you…there is hope!

∞ ∞ ∞


We will discuss and address specifics and move in a direction that is right for you.

I look forward to hearing from you!

In health, healing and happiness,

Dr. Elena 😉


“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, rather interest their patients in the care of the human frame through lifestyle and diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

– Thomas Edison