Lab Worksheet

By following these 8 steps and doing your Lab Worksheet yourself, you will be more prepared.  We will be able to use our scheduled time more effectively for a greater benefit to you, and you’ll be saving money by doing the worksheet yourself.

If the worksheet is not completed when you come in, we will have to take time from your session to complete it together.

If you cannot or do not want to do it yourself before our session, let me know and I can do it for you in advance for an additional fee of $40.

Congratulations on taking responsibility and being more involved in your care!

(Links for the blank worksheet and a completed sample, are below.)

1.  Simply print out the form.

2.  Enter all of the lab tests done (even the ones that were “normal” on the report from the lab), onto the Lab Worksheet.

3.  Make an arrow pointing up or down in the “flag” column on the Lag Worksheet for any lab value that is above or below the range listed on the left side of the Lab Worksheet you have printed out from my site.

Just because something is not flagged on the report from the lab, does NOT mean it is “normal”.

If a test was not run at the lab, simply leave the line blank on the Lab Worksheet.

4.  Please write legibly and use black ink when entering in your numbers on the Lab Worksheet.

Note anything that is “slightly high” or “slightly low” in the “flag” column with “sl” before the high or low arrow (you will see an example of this on the sample, below).

5.  Go over your entries twice to make sure they are correct, as the Lab Worksheet you do for me is what I will be using to make recommendations and suggestions for you.

6.  I will need the results you have entered into your Lab Worksheet in advance of our scheduled appointment.

•Fax your completed Lab Worksheet to me at 661 297-7343

7.  Call my private line at 661 250-4395 to let me know you have faxed the completed Lab Worksheet to me, so I can be on the lookout for it.

8.  Please make sure you have a copy of your completed Lab Worksheet for yourself and have it with you when we meet for your appointment.  Remember to make sure I have a copy of it well in advance of your appointment.

If you are entering a series of lab tests done over time or adding new results, you can use the same sheet of paper and add the newest results as you get them. This can be very helpful to track and compare values and your progress over time. Simply draw vertical lines to make columns separating the dates, and enter each new date and the results from that date to the right of the previous date.

NOTE:  The ranges on this Lab Worksheet form are ideal, functional medicine ranges, not the “normal” ranges you see on your results, which are the averages of everyone who has had blood drawn from that particular lab.

If I have ordered the lab tests for you, I will already have a copy of the actual results from the lab so I will only need your completed Lab Worksheet.

If you are consulting with me on lab tests ordered by someone else, make sure that in addition to the completed Lab Worksheet, you also provide me with copies of those actual lab results you entered onto the Lab Worksheet.

If you have any questions, just contact me at 661 250-4395.

In health, Dr. Elena 😉

Lab Worksheet

Lab Worksheet Example