Have You Tried Everything to Feel Better?


 —By Elena Michaels PhD, CCH, LMFT


Have you tried everything yet still feel stuck physically or emotionally?

Have you dieted, joined WW, paid for weight loss programs/packaged meals and worked out yet still carry extra pounds?

Have you read books, gone to workshops/seminars, meditated, prayed, been in therapy, feel like not enough has changed and yearn for healthy relationships?

Have you seen various healthcare practitioners, taken supplements, done many health regimes yet are still plagued with nagging, unresolved health issues?

I often hear the lament of, “Help…I have tried everything!”

People tell me of frustration and desperation when they ask to be guided to a resource or answer.  I know how this feels.  I’ve felt grateful and blessed when I have been guided to resources in my own life.

Kathy came to see me while in a membership diet program after losing and gaining pounds 5 times.  She was losing weight slowing but still had 100+ pounds to go. We ran tests and saw the program she was doing was not helping her and creating systemic inflammation, affecting her mood, thyroid function, cholesterol/lipids and increasing her risk of becoming diabetic.  Working together, we changed her food choices and supplemented her body with the nutrients needed to allow it to work for her instead of against her.  She is thrilled with her progress, feeling hopeful as the weight comes off while her lab markers move in a healthier direction.

Denise came in frustrated that in spite of the work on herself she was still stuck in a state of financial desperation and loneliness, yearning to feel secure and share her life with someone.  We looked at how she was unknowingly creating blockages keeping her from what she actually wanted.  She did her “homework” diligently between sessions, began moving forward feeling more free, confident and thrilled to have a safe space with a “mentor” whom she felt understood her spiritual view of the world.

Have you tried everything yet still don’t understand why you cannot achieve your heart’s desire?  Working with a trained, experienced professional “mentor” you connect and resonate with, could be the missing piece.


Dr. Elena Michaels has been helping others take charge of their mind, body and spirit and create the life they truly desire for more than 3 decades.  A Doctor of Natural Health, Solution-Focused Marriage & Family Therapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist with a holistic approach, she can be reached at 661.250.4395,  www.DrElena.com  Elena@DrElena.com or www.facebook.com/DrElenaMichaels