6 Steps to Boost Your Metabolism and Lose Weight

Take your Omega 3’s.

Omega-3s have been found to balance blood sugar and reduce systemic inflammation, affecting your metabolism. They also reduce resistance to leptin which is increased in inflammation and affects how your body burns fat. Look at your labels to see the breakdown of how much DHA and EPA is in your Omega 3 supplement. I’ve seen some very low doses of DHA and EPA in capsules that say they contain “1000 mg of Omega 3”. Choose a very highly reputable brand that has been independently tested for mercury contamination. Don’t buy cheap Omega 3 supplements…they only will add to toxic overload and the inflammation you are trying to reduce.

Omega 3 capsules

Drink green tea.

Studies with green tea show that it increases metabolism and that means it burns fat. It also helps prevent obesity, helps balance blood sugar and even can help reduce cholesterol. Black tea and green tea are the same plant, black tea is just one step further in the processing of the plant. If you are sensitive to caffeine (like I am) you can drink decaf green tea. You can add mint, lemon, have it iced or hot. I like iced green tea with some fresh mint from the back patio and a little lemon stevia.

green tea with mint


Get to bed earlier.

Most of us need more rest than we are getting. Less sleep means higher ghrelin, which can trigger hunger and reduce energy. Less sleep also alters our metabolism by adversely affecting our blood sugar and cortisol levels. Cortisol naturally goes down in the evening so we can slow, rest and rejuvenate. If you stay up after your cortisol levels are going down, you are adversely affecting your endocrine function and setting yourself up for imbalances on many levels, including holding onto those extra pounds. More sleep and getting to bed earlier means more weight loss (and lower ghrelin).

man sleeping with moon outside window

Use organic, unheated, virgin coconut oil.

Coconut oil has medium chain triglycerides, which can be burned in your body for energy. More energy burned equals more fat burned. Coconut oil will not make you fat…it will help you lose weight, is easily absorbed and increases your metabolism. Saute with it, eat it off the spoon, put it in your warm beverages (it melts and you cannot even taste it).


Eat high quality food and eat frequently…especially protein.

Eat protein every 3 hours to preserve lean body mass, which burns fat. Eat an organic apple every day (I like the organic green Grannie Smith apples). Apples contain pectin, help with bowel health and the fiber helps balance blood sugar. Spicy foods (jalapeño and cayenne peppers) increase fat burning. Drink water…half your body weight in ounces is what you need every day. We are mostly water, so our cells need it. Pure water flushes out toxins, is great for your skin, helps with bowel regularity and more. If you don’t like the taste of water, add a squeeze of lemon, a squirt of flavored stevia or even a fresh crushed berry.


Go for a walk.

Make the time to go for a walk. Walk around the neighborhood, breathe in the fresh air, look at the flowers and sky, smile at the people you pass and give thanks for being alive. Even 20 minutes a day is a great metabolism booster. Just walk out of your door and walk for 10 minutes, then turn around and walk back. Easy. If you have a dog, your “best friend” will love you even more. My dog gets a walk every day but she still gets excited and acts like it’s something new and the coolest thing on the planet.

shoes in grass

Do these simple steps, feel better about yourself and you are moving closer to changing your body chemistry. You deserve it. Guess what? When you change your body chemistry you are happier…and healthier.

Yours in health, healing and happiness.

Dr. Elena 😉




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