The Marriage of Nutrition and Psychotherapy

— Elena Michaels PhD, CCH, LMFT

Almost everyone knows about counseling and psychotherapy.  Working with a well-trained and licensed psychotherapist can provide guidance, clarity and support to initiate change in our perceptions and how we treat others and ourselves.  Relationships can be enhanced, unconscious motivations can be made conscious, self-esteem can be raised, and we can learn how to respond instead of automatically reacting to a situation or person.

Early childhood issues that keep replaying themselves well into mature adulthood can be addressed, no longer contaminating current relationships.  Making demands on our current partners, spouses, children, and even our co-workers to fill our unconscious and unmet childhood needs, repeats early emotional wounding from our younger years, leading to unhappiness, frustration, and disappointment.

But what does that have to do with nutrition?

What we put into our bodies directly affects the way in which we function.  Our brain, bodies, and mood are affected.  We don’t think and feel as well if we don’t have the proper fuel.  No matter how much we want to get there, we can’t get there (wherever “there” is) unless we use the proper fuel for our “vehicles”!  And each one of us is different, so what works for one person to feel great and function well, does not work for everyone else.  Our body can tell us what it needs, but we have to develop the ability to listen to ourselves.  If we dull our mind and spirit with devitalized, chemically treated foods devoid of nutrients, we become devitalized, chemically treated, and devoid of nutrients!

Honoring and respecting ourselves requires us to invest in ourselves.  Investing time, money and energy into learning better ways of being, feeling, and taking care of ourselves is one of the best investments around…and a return is guaranteed!  Working with a trained professional combining health and nutrition will give you a new sense of empowerment and control over your body and mind.  Feelings of health, balance, fulfillment, peace within, and love and respect for others and ourselves are goals that are within reach for all of us.


Dr. Elena Michaels is a Doctor of Natural Health, Holistic Psychotherapist and has been helping others for more than 3 decades. She can be reached at 661 250-4395, or