Unlocking The Power To Heal

Unlocking the Power To Heal

                        — By Elena Michaels PhD, CCH, LMFT

There are times in our lives where things feel too overwhelming.  When this occurs, we tend to revert back to what I call “automatic pilot brain programs” from the past.

These are thoughts that run around in our heads, keeping us from moving forward or making appropriate choices or decisions based upon the present circumstances.  We react to what is going on with us based upon our past experiences, instead.  These thoughts create feelings that keep us stuck in the past, making up stories about possible outcomes or a future that is often negative, limiting, defeating and even hopeless.

Health and wellness are physical as well as mental, emotional and spiritual.  Mastering our minds is like working out a muscle.  A few times at the gym will not create a strong muscle!  Repeated exercising and commitment to our goal increases stamina and creates stronger physical muscles.  Exercising our brain and commitment to our goals creates a stronger brain and puts us back in the driver’s seat as the master of our mind.

This is where the seat of power is…harnessing our mind and accessing our higher power and the amazing unlimited energy available to each and every one of us.  There are no “middlemen”…we don’t have to go “through anyone” to get “there”.  We all have the direct line to this incredible source of health, abundance, goodness and inspiration.

If you have been feeling disconnected or operating from a fear-based place, meditation may be beneficial.  It can be easily learned and the benefits in altered perception are a true gift.  Many people find it difficult to meditate on their own either because they are unsure of what to do, how to do it, or find themselves unable to keep the commitment to themselves to do it in the first place.

Any kind of meditation you do will be helpful.  Avoid the trap of trying to find the “perfect meditation” as the type of meditation you do may change over time.  Starting with even a simple meditation of sitting quietly for a few minutes with your eyes closed, watching your breathing and focusing on exhaling any accumulated stress or tension, will be helpful.  Doing this on a regular basis will accustom you to create a natural reflex that will kick in when you do get stressed or anxious.  If you only use this part of yourself when you are stressed or anxious it will still be helpful but not as helpful as if you have a regular habit of doing some kind of meditation.

If you had a friend that you called only when you were in extreme crisis, that friend might eventually turn off to you.  But if you contacted that friend on a regular basis just to “check in”, that friend would be more available to you during those times of stress and crisis.  That “friend” is your higher self, so do check in often and regularly!  Getting into the habit of doing this for a few minutes every day will allow it to become second nature.  Your body, mind and spirit will thank you for it!

Dr. Elena Michaels is a Doctor of Natural Health, Solution-Focused Marriage & Family Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Meditation Teacher/Facilitator who has been meditating for 40+ years and helping others create health, balance and joy for more than 3 decades.  She can be reached at 661.250.4395,  www.DrElena.com or Elena@DrElena.com or at http://www.facebook.com/DrElenaMichaels