People often ask me what products I like and use, so I’d like to share some helpful links to my personal favorites (with some great discounts for you)!

Make sure to tell them how you found them and mention my name to get any special pricing!



I love the quality of Gemisphere’s  gemstones and I have personally experienced benefits from wearing these beautiful therapeutic tools. Their staff is very knowledgeable and they will help you choose the right necklace for yourself depending upon your goals.  They have weekly gemstone necklace specials at 20% off, and awesome special sales.  Tell them you heard about them from me and ask for your special discount!








This salmon is the best you will ever eat! The berries are divine and everything from Vital Choice is the highest quality.

I have met Randy the owner, and he is honest, ethical and of the highest integrity. Click on the photo to enjoy their amazing products, enhance your health, find out about their specials…and have your items conveniently sent right to your door! 



Manduka eQua Towels, 300x250

Yoga is great for stress reduction and for health and longevity.  This company has wonderful products to enhance your yoga experience. They offer great values…just click on the photo to see what cool things they are offering now!


100 Percent Pure

Our skin is our largest organ and most skincare and body products contain chemicals you definitely do not want in your body.  This company has great products that nourish your skin and are chemical-free.  Click on the button to see their latest special products and deals!

US Wellness logo

Eating beef really is healthy for you…but you have to get the right kind of beef! This company’s beef is high in CLA and helps reduce cholesterol and belly fat (yes, you read that correctly)! These animals are free range, grass-fed and live in open spaces…just as nature intended. They treat their animals well and feed them well, so you can do the same for yourself. Regular weekly specials are also available, so click on the link below and check them out!

US Wellness Meats sells quality grassland meat products – Visit us Online!

Highly Recommended Spiritual Jewelry Designer

I found this amazing website – Ka Gold Jewelry – featuring the cosmic jewelry artist David Weitzman. The jewelry creations are simply irresistible. What I liked most about David’s work is that each jewel is molded with a special intention and meaning. The jewels enhance our life with qualities such as love, courage and abundance. For me wearing a jewel that is made with intent is a reminder of what really is important to me in life.

Visit specific category:  Unity and Oneness Jewelry

You may have seen me wearing my amazing power amulet necklace from them (the one on the left). Here are my top three favorite items:

Flower of Life Pendant - Silver Merkaba Pendant Silver Big Ana Becoach Gold