Congratulations on taking steps to feel better!

You may want to print out this page for easy reference. Please read all items on this page. The more information I have from you, the more I may be able to help you.

Note:  Insurance information is below.

Here are some things to do before our appointment so that our time together can be maximized for your greatest benefit.  😉


1.  Go to and print out all of the forms on that page.  (There are 14 pages, so give yourself time to complete them.)


2.  Print out the Dietary Food Log on that page of forms, and keep track of everything you eat and/or drink.  Document on the form how you feel for the three days or so before we meet.  There are detailed instructions on the Dietary Food Log page.  Don’t change what you are eating or try to show me “how healthy” you are eating.  Simply document exactly how you are eating NOW…don’t change anything from what you would normally be doing.


3.  Bring in any medications, and all supplements, protein powders, energy drinks etc. that you might be using now or wanting to use.  Simply writing down that you are taking “fish oil” or “flax meal”, isn’t enough.

Bring what you are taking in the original containers to your appointment.  Bring a notepad, pen, and any questions you might have so you can make sure your concerns are being addressed.


4.  If you have any recent lab results (within the last six months or so), get a copy of them and enter them into the form on this page:

There are details instructions and an example on that page to explain how to do this.  If you have any other relevant test results you would like to discuss with me, fax those to me as well.


5.  Fax the completed labworksheet form (2 pages) to me at least 36 hours in advance at 661 297-7343.  No cover sheet is required. Bring the original lab results as well as your copy of the completed labworksheet with you when you come in.  Also fax the completed Intake Form (the one with your name, address, etc).  Faxing those 3 pages in advance is all that is required.  Remember to bring the originals of all of your completed intake forms with you when you come in, including the ones you have faxed to me.


6.  Call 661 250-4395 to alert me that you have faxed your forms so I can be expecting them.


7.  The office is in a white building on Smyth Drive, and it is the 5th driveway down from Copper Hill Drive heading toward Valencia High School and McBean.  Or, it’s the 11th driveway coming up Smyth from Dickason heading toward Copper Hill.  Turn into the driveway, and it is the first building on the right.

It is a one story building and the one closest to the road.  There is plenty of easy parking.  Make yourself comfortable in the lobby and I will come out to the lobby to get you.


8.  Payment:  Payments are required in advance to hold your first appointment for you.  Payments are made in advance on the phone or at

You may find it convenient to prepay an amount larger than the session time scheduled to cover any additional tests/products/services.  (An accounting will be kept for you.) Personal checks are not accepted for initial visits but may be accepted as we begin to work together.

For phone sessions/consults, payment is always required in advance. Taking care of your financial responsibility in this way, allows us to spend our time together focusing more on helping you feel better and accomplishing your goals.


9.  No followup or reminder calls are made.  By making the appointment with me, you are taking responsibility for your health and you will be financially responsible for the time scheduled for you.  If for some reason you must reschedule, a minimum of 36 hours is required to cancel/reschedule and avoid having to pay for the appointment.


10.  Insurance:  My office does not bill insurance companies. However, if you have a PPO insurance plan, your sessions may be covered.  I can give you a completed form to submit to your insurance company if you ask for this when we make the appointment and when you first come in.  The insurance company will reimburse you much faster than they would reimburse me and I would rather spend my time with you than doing paperwork for your insurance company!

When you send in the completed form I provide to, and if your insurance company covers my services, they will be reimbursing you directly.


If you have any questions regarding the above, call the office and leave a detailed message on my private line at 661 250-4395.


I look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your health and wellness goals!


In health,


Dr. Elena 😉