The Frustration of Trying to Get Bloodtests

I just came from the lab and had another frustrating experience trying to get the lab tests I needed ordered by my doctor so my insurance would cover them.

Because I know this frustration personally, I have set up a link on my site so people can quickly and easily get the labs they want, at a super discount and get their results directly.  Go to the “Services” tab at the top of my main page and you will see “Get Lab Tests” right under it.

I pay a lot each month for an insurance policy to cover all of my labs.  As an advanced stage cancer survivor, someone who has had cardiac issues and diagnosed with autoimmune thyroid, and a person who has a predisposition to various chronic diseases due to my family history, I need to have regular labs done.  So, I pay a good amount for this insurance coverage.

But what I’m finding out now, is that many doctors are resistant and in many cases actually refuse to order tests…even tests that are indicated.  I see this with my clients, as well.  It is becoming more and more difficult to get the lab tests done (regardless of whether or not you have health insurance) because of the restrictions put on the doctors by the insurance companies.

The answer is to order the tests ourselves, get the results sent back to us directly and then go over them in detail with someone who is trained in bringing the body back into balance (this is usually not your MD).  Only addressing the lab values that fall outside of the lab range (this is what your MD usually addresses) misses a huge part of why a person may not be feeling optimal.  Remember, the “normal” lab range on your lab report is only the average of everyone who went to that actual lab (and a lot of sick people get their blood drawn).

We are looking for optimal values and our goal is to address issues before they are diagnosed as chronic disease needing medication (or to reduce medication and the side effects that often come with using medication) and to see why you are having the health issues you are having.

To be clear here, I am NOT against using medication and I have had to be on medication myself at various times.  But I am FOR people taking responsibility for their health and well-being.  If we don’t do it, we cannot expect someone else to do it for us.

Through the month of December you can get a full chem panel for a super low and unheard of price of $59.00.  The normal price of this test is $535.00!  You don’t even have to use it by the end of this month.  Purchase it through the site before the end of December (some people purchase more than one so they can get their followup labs done at this super low price).  Just scroll down the “Get Labs Done” page and look for the December Special Test, the Comprehensive Wellness Profile (or CWP).

So after spending a good amount of time at the lab trying to get my doctor to order the tests that were indicated so my insurance would cover the cost, I ended up just ordering them myself (like you can do) without being able to utilize the insurance.

Yes, I had to pay for them myself, I wasn’t able to use my health insurance but it’s an “investment” in myself, a gift to myself and way that I can get done what needs to be done so I can stay healthy and well.  As a person who has been sick…really sick, feeling good is really important to me and I’ll do what I have to do to make it happen!

Save yourself the time and hassle of going back and forth with your MD.  Order the tests you need (and/or the tests we decide are relevant for you) and take control of your health by taking control of your blood!

Yours in health, healing and happiness,

Dr. Elena 😉



  1. Ilisa says:

    Wow, who would have thought this was even available? Just ordered mine. Thank you for putting this information out there for us. (I clicked on the link to your blog from the Hashimoto’s facebook page).

  2. Dr. Elena says:

    Hi Ilisa,
    Yes, so many people go through so much frustration trying to get labs done that are needed and indicated for their particular situation. So we just have to take matters into our own hands and be advocates for ourselves! Get the panel that has the thyroid antibodies if you have never had them run before and do pass this info along so others can reduce the stress and hassle and be able to get what they need. If you need any help just let me know!

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