How To Age Quickly

The other evening, we were at an event where dinner was served.  We chatted with the couple across the table from us, sharing information about our children, our work, and so on.  They were a very sweet couple, and we found out they were our age.

Soon they began talking about their medical problems.  The wife told us she had over 26 surgeries and two more surgeries were being scheduled soon.  The husband said he was no longer able to work, was on disability and soon to have shoulder surgery since he was in so much pain and just “getting older”.

I watched what they were eating.  They had artificial sweeteners with their beverages (the “yellow packets”), lots of bread (he said he “loved” bread and could eat “tons” of it), batter-fried seafood and dairy in their meal.  They were both overweight.

I could tell that they weren’t interested in doing anything differently or adjusting their food choices.  They were on the track that so many are on…seeing the doctor, getting medications and then having surgery.

Dairy and flour-based foods (especially gluten, but other grains as well) are highly inflammatory.  Inflammation creates disease, aging and pain.  Both of these people we sat with the other evening, complained about pain. These foods are also highly addictive, so people aren’t necessarily excited about eliminating them from their diets.

I hear things like, “it’s too restrictive”, “I want to enjoy my life and eat the things I like”, “those things don’t have anything to do with my health issues”, “my doctor never mentions anything about giving up dairy or flour/grain/gluten”, and so on.

But actually, if you were to eliminate inflammatory foods your body would be less inflamed, less irritated and and you would have less pain.  This doesn’t happen overnight, but by sticking with it and being diligent, results are seen.

You may be at a loss trying to figure out what to eat when these foods are removed from your diet.  There actually are plenty of options.  You will find that your taste buds seem to be “reborn”, food will taste wonderful…even foods you may have previously thought of as boring and bland (such as some green vegetables).

If you want to extend your life, lose weight, look and feel younger…give up inflammatory foods.  If you want guidance and direction on how to do this, call the office at 661 250-4395 and set up an appointment with me and I’ll help you change your body and your health.  Don’t age before your time because you don’t have the information on how to keep yourself young and vital.

Start now…the body is a miraculous thing…get out of the way and let it be the healthy vehicle for your glowing spirit!











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