Healing Takes Patience

Some people are impatient with the healing process.  The “patient” must be “patient” for healing to occur!

There must be balance between these two ideas: 
1. Yes, all healing comes from the infinite, and from connection and alignment with our spiritual source. 
2. However, each of us must take responsibility for our own healing. Being passive and waiting for it to occur just doesn’t make it happen.


So self-responsibility is SO important…doing what we need to do and making sure that we have balance and harmony, less stress, AND an expectation that healing will occur. 

Having an attitude of, “well, I’ll try it for a couple of days/a few weeks and see if it works”, just doesn’t cut it and will probably lead to frustration and disappointment. 

A more helpful approach might be, “I am going to make a serious commitment to my health and well-being, give energy to all levels of my healing (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), stay focused and conscious on my food selection and intake, my supplements, my spiritual connection AND have an expectation that I WILL and I AM getting well, and I AM doing this until and even after I notice little positive changes start to happen.”

When dealing with a chronic imbalance, patience with the process and with ourselves is very important. The body takes time to manifest disease and imbalance, and it takes time to heal and rebalance…and the body heals in “layers”. 

So let’s trust the process, give it time, be patient with ourselves and expect healing to occur!


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