I have some great free gifts for you!


My short meditation audios are super quick ways to stop, take just a few minutes, regroup, refresh and calm down.


The 7 minute version was recorded on my back patio (you’ll hear the birds and chimes) and can be listened to any time of the day or night. Some people have told me they download it to their phone, put it on replay and it helps them sleep!


If you are super busy you can listen to my quick 3 minute audio. Everyone can find 3 minutes…you can even take this break while studying, working on a project or anytime you want a quick break, to recharge, regroup and regenerate.  


Also included is my Special Report, “10 Keys To Bring More Joy Into Your Life”. This short report gives you specific keys to help you focus, be more conscious of your thoughts and intentions and be more of a master of your life.


We all need reminders, right? 😉


Start by entering your info below and you’ll have immediate access to the downloads.


Here’s to unlocking your power!


Yours in health, healing and happiness, 

Dr. Elena 😉


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