Look Great, Stay Young and Get Balanced

Look Great, Stay Young and Get Balanced

— Elena Michaels, PhD CCH LMFT


We are multi-faceted human beings, so it makes sense that our health and emotional balance can only be achieved by incorporating a holistic, integrated approach.  Everything part of us is connected to every other part!

If we are not feeling the way we want to and our mind isn’t working the way we’d like it to, we carry excess pounds, our skin doesn’t glow and we don’t have the energy and stamina we’d like.  A physiological imbalance may be involved.  If we aren’t happy, argue with those around us, realize our mind isn’t working the way we want it to and miss the joy in life; a physiological imbalance may be the cause.

Getting to the bottom of this and bringing our system into balance requires working with a health professional trained in this area.  Most people don’t realize that medical doctors are not trained in preventing illness, creating individual nutritional programs, balancing the system, or using nutrients.  It is important to realize and recognize the different areas of focus offered by various health professionals so we can best get our needs met and our concerns addressed.   It is important to take charge of our health, working with the appropriate professionals trained to assist us in creating health.  When building a house, we wouldn’t expect the plumber to design the architecture!  Working with specialists who are trained in what we want to accomplish, while realizing the limitations of various health care professions, gives the best results

We can look great, stay young, be full of energy and stamina, glow with health and vitality and take charge of our physical, emotional and mental health by working with an expert in these areas.  A holistic, complimentary, integrated approach yields the greatest rewards.  A fatigued, sick, or overweight body is a body out of balance.  Working with a trained professional to balance nutrition, attending to emotional and mental health issues, and learning how to reduce stress allows us to create the healthy, happy, beautifully radiant person we have always wanted to be!

Dr. Elena Michaels is a holistic doctor, psychotherapist, and nutritionist who has been helping others for more than 3 decades.  She can be reached at www.DrElena.com Elena@DrElena.com 661 250-4395, or www.facebook.com/DrElenaMichaels