Depression or Thyroid Issues?


 — By Elena Michaels PhD, CCH, LMFT



As of 2008 statistics, 1 out of every 9 women (and 1 of every 12 men) will develop an autoimmune illness.   You have a greater chance of developing an autoimmune illness than you do of getting cancer or having a heart attack!

Not feeling like your usual self these days?  Depression, anxiety, thyroid issues, hormonal issues, gastrointestinal symptoms, memory, motivation and focusing issues, lack of energy and more may be symptoms of an autoimmune syndrome.  Standard medical treatment offers medication (often with undesirable side effects) after the autoimmune disease has advanced to the point of destroying glands and tissues.

Autoimmune conditions are inflammatory.  Giving medication to treat the targeted tissues or organs does not stop the inflammation.  The inflammation is systemic and the causes must be eliminated/reduced or the person finds themselves in a never-ending cycle of “putting out fires”.

Depression and anxiety may be “brain inflammation” where the brain may be the target of the autoimmune activity, thyroid issues often stem from autoimmune thyroid (where the thyroid gland is the target of the autoimmune attack), Irritable Bowel may be when the digestive system is the target of the autoimmune attack and so on.

There are specific tests that can determine autoimmune activity and monitor progress.  Natural, non-addictive substances can be incorporated to address the inflammation and lifestyle modification adjustments can make a huge difference.  Autoimmune situations are often exacerbated (and sometimes initiated) by stressful events.  Learning specific ways to reduce stress is also imperative for healing.

Working with a trained clinician experienced in these areas and on the cutting edge of the newest techniques can help you get your life back.  Addressing the inflammation on a systemic level can reduce many symptoms simultaneously.  You can feel better and find joy and happiness.  Finding and working with the right professional can make all the difference!

Dr. Elena Michaels has been helping others take charge of their health and create the life they truly desire for more than 3 decades.  She is a Doctor of Natural Health, Solution-Focused Marriage & Family Therapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist. 661.250.4395, or