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Doing A Vision Board – More Than What Meets the Eye

I finished my 2012 Vision Board yesterday morning at 2 AM and it was a wonderful and very fulfilling experience I’d like to share with you (you’ll see it, below)!

I usually start my Vision Board on December 31st and finish it by January 1st or 2nd.  This year was busy so it took an extra couple of days to get it done.  But I knew I wanted it done by the full moon!

I collect things all year long that strike me in some inspiring way and put them in a nice little box.  I like to think “outside the box” and find magazine photos, pictures from greeting cards, copies of photos and words from printed material and put them all go into the box until I am ready to create my “vision”.

I get a large 24″x36″ foam board (from an art supply store).  This year I chose black.  I had my scissors ready, my glue sticks and stick-on-stars nearby, lovely instrumental and uplifting music playing in the background and into “the zone” I went!

I don’t like to over-think or plan it…I just start cutting out images or parts of images and words that seem to resonate with me.  I put all of the cut and trimmed images in another container and then just start glueing them on the foam board.

This process usually takes me a few hours.  This year I was surprised at how quickly the time went by as what felt like about an hour was really about 5 hours spent on the project (that’s how I knew I was “in the flow”)!  Some of the pages I had collected and put in the box were just torn from magazines during the year, so I sorted through them and decided what worked for me to use.

As I spent this time, I noticed that I felt like I was in a hypnotic trance or meditative state.  It was a concentrated time spent focusing my conscious intention of what I wanted to occur in 2012.  That amount of time is longer than I usually spend in meditation so it was really a joy to give myself that gift of time, energy and focus to zero in on my goals.

It was also a statement to universal creative energy and the “powers that be” that this is what I plan to manifest.  My Vision Boards are always dense, without much blank space and with lots of words as well as images.  Some people just do images, some do just words, but I like doing both.

My friend recently showed me his Vision Board from last year and it was amazing to see how he had created it.  He took photos of his “wants” and put them all into a file on his laptop, creating a rotating group of images as his desktop “wallpaper” so the images were constantly in front of him.  I liked that idea because I hang mine up on the wall in my home office and then I don’t spend much time looking at it as the months roll by.

But then again, there is that theory that you can write down what you want and put it away and not look at it again until one year later to see what things on the list you have manifested.  You can’t make a mistake or do this “wrong”…whatever you do, is right for you!

Right now, my Vision Board is directly in front of the living room sofa (where I am now sitting) and it’s propped up against the wall at eye level.  It will probably stay there for a bit and then be put up on the wall like last year’s.

I look at last year’s Vision Board this morning, and several things did come into being.  I thought that was pretty darn cool!

So if you haven’t done something like this yet, you might want to set aside some time to give yourself this gift of stating your goals and dreams.  It’s a wonderful exercise…fulfilling, and fun!

Enjoy this full moon and visualizing your dreams in any what that seems right for you!

Yours in health, healing and happiness,

Dr. Elena 😉

Vision Board 2012