Balance for Weight Loss

— Elena Michaels

Have you been exercising, yet not lost weight?   Are you “eating healthy” but still the same size (or even larger) than before?  Your body may be telling you it is out of balance.  What can you do about it, and exactly how might you be out of balance?

Often with women, too much exercise can create a thick, bulky body.  An exercise physiologist colleague calls this the “chunky aerobics instructor syndrome”.  Hormones may be out of balance and for women in their mid-30’s to mid-50’s, this means extra weight is held by the body and no matter what is done, it just won’t melt away!

Men may also feel that no matter what they do, they still have that extra weight.  A high school friend tells me he works out every day and eats “right” yet still looks like something between the Pillsbury Doughboy and Jabba the Hut.  Out of balance hormones may be the issue here, as well.  Some researchers point to “male menopause” stating men need hormone balancing as well as women.

Another issue is doing too much exercise, or even the wrong type of exercise for one’s unique physiological makeup.  Not everyone needs to lift weights everyday.  Slower activities bring balance into the system so that weight can actually be released.

We have a sympathetic and a parasympathetic part of our nervous system, and they must be in balance for weight to drop.  If you are “sympathetic dominant”, moving at full speed all day, living a high-pressure life and eating food you think may be healthy but that is not right for your body, you may not lose excess pounds no matter how many weights you lift.  Slowing down, relaxing, and doing more parasympathetic activities such as yoga, tai chi, and meditation will help.

Balance is the key.  Whether exercise, diet, emotions, or activities, you will not lose weight, feel great, and be happy unless you find that balance.  It’s easy to say and harder to do.  If you are not sure exactly what might be helpful for you, meeting with a nutritionally-oriented professional trained in stress reduction for a couple of sessions could make a huge difference to guide you and get you back on track!


Dr. Elena Michaels is a Doctor of Natural Health and Holistic Psychotherapist and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist who has been helping others find balance in their lives for more than 3 decades.  She can be reached at 661 250-4395,  and