Anxious About Anxiety

– By Elena Michaels PhD, CCH, LMFT

A previous client came in again recently complaining of being very anxious and starting to feel that he was becoming depressed.  He had just experienced the first week on a new job in a different field and although the income was higher, he felt like quitting.  He wasn’t sleeping well and he was stressing out during a two-hour commute.  He doubted himself, his ability, and his decision of taking the current job.

We came up with a plan especially for him, and I showed him how to implement it on a daily basis.  I showed him a diagram depicting exactly what was happening to him and how he was putting himself into a negative state.  Seeing it visually gave him hope for a solution as he realized he had more choices.

We came up with positive affirmations that he would read aloud first thing in the morning and last thing before bed.  We talked about his food choices, working out and doing yoga for previous shoulder and back injuries, a referral to a chiropractor, and even a sleeping schedule.

I taught him a pose in my office that immediately activates the parasympathetic nervous system to release stress, tension, and anxiety.  I also taught him how to consciously slow down his breath to change his emotional and mental state.

We came up with a morning ritual of just a few minutes for him to begin each day to put him on the right track, as well as suggestions for motivational audios (including mine) for his phone and computer, and even CDs he could get from the library to listen to in the car during his commute, enhancing his learning and keeping him focused on the positive.

We then did hypnosis using a hand movement as an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) anchoring technique to keep him strong when he felt out of control, and taped it for him to use regularly.  We finished with a quick nutritional evaluation and he left with some needed supplements to help him feel more balanced.

He called me the next day saying he had slept well, felt “much lighter and more positive, looking forward to things working out at the new job, and to having regular tune-ups with me to stay on the right track”.

There are many solutions to anxiety and working with a licensed clinician can help you find what is right for you.  I have some free helpful tips on my website at and simply enter your email address in the box on the right side of the page, and you can download them instantly.

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Don’t think you have to do it all alone or just “push through” when you are starting to feel overwhelmed and concerned that your anxiety and depression may start to take over your life.

Please do seek the help you need and free yourself so you can feel more in control of your life!

Dr. Elena Michaels has been helping people feel better and enjoy life more for more than 3 decades.  A Doctor of Natural Health, Marriage and Family Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Collaborative Divorce Professional, she can be reached at 661/250-4395, or